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Welcome to abadon - Play with bite!
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#abadon vs. EVERYDAY.de
15.04.2014 19:00 Uhr

Unser neues CS:GO Lineup

27.04.14 23:31 Uhr justuz

Hiermit möchten wir Euch eines unserer CS:GO Teams präsentieren, das uns in der kommenden A-Series Saison vertreten wird.



Zur Zeit ist das Team intensiv am Trainieren um möglichst erfolgreich in der A-Series durchzustarten, mit der Motivation schon gleich die ersten Matches für sich zu entscheiden.
Es wird mit Sicherheit keine einfache Saison aber gemeinsam mit dem Team schauen wir positiv in die Zukunft und hoffen auf den letzten Erfolgen aufbauen zu können. Das Team besteht aus guten,erfahrenen Spielern mit denen wir gerne zusammen arbeiten und denen wir mit dem best möglichen Support zu Seite stehen möchten.
Wir hoffen auf eine für uns erfolgreiche Saison mit möglichst fairen und spannenden Matches und wünschen unserem Team dabei viel Erfolg!


Das Lineup wird wie folgt aussehen:

Team-Captain: Bernhard "zLACERy00" G.
Spieler: Bernhard "LKZ"
Spieler: Markus "nemesis" G.
Spieler: Yannick "yan" F.
Spieler : Matthias "QWiiX" D.


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Sem napište komentář"Those of you who came to my house to be examined before the Easter holidays, stand up!"The speaker,

cheaps michael kors wallets

a corpulent man in the garb of a priest, with a heavy cross dangling from his neck,fixed the class with a baleful glare. His small hard eyes

cheap louis vuitton bags

seemed to bore through the six children��four boys and two girls��who rose from their seats and looked at the man in the robe with apprehension. "You sit

Louis Vuitton

down," the priest said, motioning to the girls. The girls hastily complied, with sighs of relief. Father Vasili's slits of eyes focussed on the other four. "Now then, my

louis vuitton handbags

fine lads, come over here!" Father Vasili rose, pushed back his chair and walked up to the group of boys who stood huddled close together. "Which of you

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young ruffians smokes?" "We don't smoke, father," the four answered timidly. The blood rushed to the priest's face. "You don't smoke, eh, you scoundrels? Then who put the tobacco

Michael Kors bags on sale

in the dough? Tell me that! We'll see whether you smoke or not. Now then, turn out your pockets! Come on, turn them out, I say!" Three of


the boys proceeded to empty the contents of their pockets onto the table. The priest inspected the seams carefully for grains of tobacco, but found nothing,

Louis Vuitton Outlet Stores

whereupon he turned to the fourth lad, a dark-eyed youngster in a grey shirt and blue trousers patched at the knees. "What are you


standing there for like a dummy?" The lad threw a look of silent hatred at his questioner. "I haven't any pockets," he replied sullenly, running his


hands over the sides of his trousers. "No pockets, eh? You think I don't know who could have played such a scoundrelly trick as to

Louis Vuitton Sunglasses

spoil my dough? You think I'm going to let you off again? Oh no, my boy, you shall suffer for this. Last time I allowed

new balance factory outlet

you to stay in this school because your mother begged me to keep you, but now I'm finished with you. Out with you!" He seized the

oakley outlet store

boy painfully by the ear and threw him out into the corridor, slamming the door after him. The class sat silent, cowed. None of the children

Michael Kors crossbody handbags

could understand why Pavel Korchagin had been ejected, none but Sergei Bruzzhak, who was Pavel's closest friend. He had seen him sprinkle a fistful of home-grown

oakley sunglasses cheap

tobacco into the Easter cake dough in the priest's kitchen where six backward pupils had waited for the priest to come and hear them repeat their

new balance

lesson. Now Pavel sat down on the bottom step of the school-house and wondered dismally what his mother would say when he told her what had

michael kors

happened, his poor hard-working mother who toiled from morning till night as cook at the excise inspector's. Tears choked him. "What shall I do? It's all

Louis Vuitton Outlet stores

because of that damned priest. What on earth made me go and put that tobacco in his dough? It was Seryozhka's idea. 'Let's play a trick

cheap Michael Kors bags

on the old beast,' he says. So we did. And now Seryozhka's got off and I'll likely be kicked out." His feud with Father Vasili was

Louis vuitton outlet

of long standing. It dated back to the day he had a scrap with Mishka Levchenkov and in punishment was kept in after lessons. To keep

Michael Kors handbags on sale

the lad out of mischief in the empty classroom, the teacher took him to the second grade to sit in at a lesson. Pavel took a

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seat at the back. The teacher, a wizened little man in a black jacket, was telling the class about the earth and the heavenly bodies, and

prada online outlet

Pavel gaped with amazement when he learned that the earth had been in existence for millions of years and that the stars too were worlds. So


startled was he by what he had heard that he barely refrained from getting up and blurting out: "That isn't what the Bible says!" But he

Michael Kors handbags wholesale

was afraid of getting into more hot water. The priest had always given Pavel full marks for Scripture. He knew almost the whole prayer book practically

chanel outlet online

by heart, and the Old and New Testament as well. He knew exactly what God had created on each day of the week. Now he resolved

louis vuitton stores

to take the matter up with Father Vasili. At the very next lesson, before the priest had time to settle himself properly in his chair, Pavel

LV Bags

raised his hand and, having obtained permission to speak, he got up. "Father, why does the teacher in the second grade say the earth is millions

Michael Kors store

of years old, instead of what the Bible says, five thou. . . ." A hoarse cry from Father Vasili cut him short. "What did

Louis Vuitton bags

you say, you scoundrel? So that's how you learn your Scripture!" And before Pavel knew what had happened the priest had seized him by the ears


and was banging his head against the wall. A few minutes later, shaken with fright and pain, he found himself outside in the corridor. His mother


too had given him a good scolding that time. And the following day she had gone to the school and begged Father Vasili to take him

Louis Vuitton Outlet Online

back. From that day Pavel hated the priest with all his soul. Hated and feared him. His childish heart rebelled against any injustice, however slight. He

gucci outlet 2014

could not forgive the priest for the undeserved beating, and he grew sullen and bitter. Pavel suffered many a slight at the hands of Father Vasili

Michael Kors Outlet Handbags

after that. The priest was forever sending him out of the classroom; day after day for weeks on end he made him stand in the corner

Louis Vuitton

for trifling misdemeanours and never called on him to answer questions, with the result that on the eve of the Easter holidays Pavel had to go

Michael Kors purses

with the backward boys to the priest's house to be reexamined. It was there in the kitchen that he had dropped the tobacco into the dough.

Michael Kors bags wholesale

No one had seen him do it, but the priest had guessed at once who was to blame. The lesson ended at last and the children

Louis Vuitton Handbags outlet

poured out into the yard and crowded round Pavel, who maintained a gloomy silence. Sergei Bruzzhak lingered behind in the classroom. He felt that he too

Michael Kors outlet online sale

was guilty, but he could do nothing to help his friend. Yefrem Vasilievich, the headmaster, poked his head out of the open window of the common

michael kors bags

room and shouted: "Send Korchagin to me at once!" Pavel jumped at the sound of the headmaster's deep bass voice, and with pounding heart obeyed his

Michael Kors satchel bag

summons. The proprietor of the railway station restaurant, a pale middle-aged man with faded, colourless eyes, glanced briefly at Pavel. "How old is he?" "Twelve." "All right, he can stay. He'll get eight rubles a month and his food on the days he works. He'll work twenty-four hours at

LV handbags

a stretch every other day. But mind, no pilfering." "Oh no, sir. He won't steal, I'll answer for that," the mother hastened fearfully to assure him. "Let him start in today," ordered the proprietor and, turning to the woman behind the counter, said: "Zina, take the boy

Louis Vuitton Handbags outlet

to the kitchen and tell Frosya to put him to work instead of Grishka." The barmaid laid down the knife with which she had been slicing

michael kors handbags

ham, nodded to Pavel and led the way across the hall to a side door opening into the scullery. Pavel followed her. His mother hurried after

wholesale michael kors

him and whispered quickly into his ear: "Now Pavlushka, dear, do your best, and don't disgrace yourself." With sad eyes she watched him go, and left.

louis vuitton luggage

Work in the scullery was in full swing; plates, forks and knives were piled high on the table and several women were wiping them with towels

Louis Vuitton Purses

flung over their shoulders. A boy slightly older than Pavel, with a shaggy mop of ginger hair, was tending two huge samovars. The scullery was full

prada outlet online

of steam that rose from the large vat of boiling water in which the dishes were washed, and Pavel could not see the faces of the

louis vuitton outlet

women at first. He stood waiting uncertainly for someone to tell him what to do. Zina., the barmaid, went over to one of the dishwashers and

Michael Kors wallet

touched her shoulder. "Here, Frosya, I've brought you a new boy to take Grishka's place. You tell him what he's to do." "She's in charge here,"

louis vuitton store 2015

Zina said to Pavel, nodding toward the woman she had called Frosya. "She'll tell you what you have to do." And with that she turned and

oakley outlet on sale

went back to the buffet. "All right," Pavel replied softly and looked questioningly at Frosya. Wiping her perspiring brow she examined him critically from head to


foot, then, rolling up her sleeve which had slipped over her elbow, she said in a deep and remarkably pleasant voice: "It's not much of a job,


dearie, but it will keep you busy enough. That copper over there has to be heated in the morning and kept hot so there's boiling water

Michael Kors wallets cheap

all the time; then there's the wood to chop and the samovars to take care of besides. You'll have to clean the knives and forks sometimes

Louis Vuitton Sale

and carry out the slops. There'll be plenty to do, lad," she said, speaking with a marked Kostroma accent laying the stress on the "a's". Her

oakley outlet discount

manner of speaking and her flushed face with the small turned-up nose made Pavel feel better. "She seems quite decent," he concluded, and overcoming his shyness, said:

cheap Michael Kors outlet

"What am I to do now,Auntie?" A loud guffaw from the dishwashers met his words. "Ha! Ha! Frosya's gone and got herself a nephew. . . ." Frosya herself

michal kors purse outlet

laughed even more heartily than the others. Through the cloud of steam Pavel had not noticed that Frosya was a young girl; she was no more than

Louis Vuitton Sale

eighteen. Much embarrassed, he turned to the boy and asked: "What do I do now?" But the boy merely chuckled. "You ask Auntie, she'll tell you all about it.

oakley outlet sunglasses

I'm off." Whereupon he darted through the door leading to the kitchen. "Come over here and help dry the forks," said one of the dishwashers, a middle-aged

chanel factory outlet store

woman. "Stop your cackling," she admonished the others. "The lad didn't say anything funny. Here, take this." She handed Pavel a dish towel. "Hold one end between

Michael Kors crossbody

your teeth and pull the other end tight. Here's a fork, run it up and down the towel, and see you don't leave any dirt between

Louis Vuitton outlet online

the prongs. They're very strict about that here. The customers always inspect the forks and if they find a speck of dirt, they make a terrible

Michael Kors outlet store

fuss, and the mistress will send you flying out in a jiffy." "The mistress?" Pavel echoed. "I thought the master who hired me was in charge." The dishwasher

michael kors outlet online sale store

laughed. "The master, my lad, is just a stick of furniture around here. The mistress is the boss. She isn't here today. But if you work here

michael kors satchel bags outlets

a while you'll see for yourself." The scullery door opened and three waiters entered carrying trays piled high with dirty dishes. One of them, a broad-shouldered cross-eyed man


with a heavy, square jaw, said: "You'd better look lively. The 12 o'clock is due any minute, and here you are dawdling about." He looked at Pavel.

Michael Kors sandals

"Who's this?" he asked. "That's the new boy," said Frosya. "Ah, the new boy," he said. "Well, listen, my lad." He laid his heavy hands on Pavel's shoulders

Louis Vuitton Purses

and pushed him over to the samovars. "You're supposed to keep them boiling all the time, and look, one of them's out, and the other is

oakley sunglasses wholesale

barely going. Don't let it happen again or I'll beat the stuffings out of you!" Pavel busied himself with the samovars without a word. Thus began his life

oakley store

of toil. Never had Pavka worked so hard as on that first day. He realised that this was not home where he could afford to disobey

michael kors crossbody bags

his mother. The cross-eyed waiter had made it quite plain that if he did not do as he was told, he would suffer for it. Placing one of his top-boots over the chimney and using it as a bellows, Pave! soon had the sparks flying from the large pot-bellied samovars. He picked up

Louis vuitton outlet

the slop pail and rushed out to the garbage dump, added firewood to the water boiler, dried the wet dish towels on the hot samovars ��in

Michael Kors handbags outlet stores

a word, did everything he was told to do. Late that night when he went off wearily to the kitchen, Anisia, the middle-aged dishwasher, with a

Louis Vuitton Outlet

glance at the door that had closed behind him,remarked: "Something queer about that boy, look at the way he dashes about like mad. Must have been

Michael Kors Outlet

a good reason for putting him to work." "He's a good worker," said Frosya. "Needs no speeding up." "He'll soon cool off," was Lusha's opinion. "They all try

louis vuitton wallets

hard in the beginning. . . ." At seven o'clock the next morning, Pavel, utterly exhausted after a whole night spent on his feet,turned the boiling samovars

cheap oakley sunglasses

over to the boy who was to relieve him. The latter, a puffy-faced youngster with a mean look in his eyes, examined the boiling samovars, and

new balance outlet

having assured himself that all was in order, thrust his hands into his pockets and spat through his teeth with an air of scornful superiority. "Now listen,

Louis Vuitton purses

snotnose!" he said in an aggressive tone, fixing Pavel with his colourless eyes. "See you're on the job here tomorrow at six sharp." "Why at six?" Pavka

Louis Vuitton Bags 2015

wanted to know. "The shift changes at seven, doesn't it?" "Never mind when the shift changes. You get here at six. And you'd better not blab too

prada outlet online

much or I'll smash your silly mug for you. Some cheek, only started in today and already putting on airs." The dishwashers who had just finished their

cheap Michael Kors bags online

shift listened with interest to the exchange between the two boys. The blustering tone and bullying manner of the other enraged Pavel. He took a step

Michael Kors online outlet

toward his tormentor and was about to lash out at him with his fists when the fear of losing his newly acquired job stopped him. "Stop your

Louis Vuitton Outlet Handbags

noise," he said, his face dark with rage, "and keep off or you'll get more than you bargained for. I'll be here at seven tomorrow, and


I can use my fists as good as you can. Maybe you'd like to try? I'm game." His adversary cowered back against the boiler, gaping with surprise

Louis Vuitton Bags

at the bristling Pavel. He had not expected such a determined rebuff. "All right, all right, we'll see," he muttered. Pavel, his first day at work having passed

new Louis Vuitton

without mishap, hurried home with a sense of having honestly earned his rest. Now he too was a worker and no one could accuse him of

Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags

being a parasite. The morning sun was already climbing above the sprawling buildings of the sawmill. Before long the tiny house where Pavel lived would come into

gucci outlet

view, just behind the Leszczinski garden. "Mother must have just got up, and here I am coming home from work," Pavel thought, and he quickened his pace,

michael kors outlet online sale

whistling as he went. "It turned out not so bad being kicked out of school. That damned priest wouldn't have given me any peace anyway, and he


can go to hell now for all I care. As for that gingerhead," he said to himself as he opened the gate, "I'll punch his face

gucci bags

for certain." His mother, who was lighting the samovar in the yard, looked up at her son's approach and asked anxiously: "Well, how was it?" related links: [chenrenfan1115]

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